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Description : In this world you’re surrounded by sexual images that open the door to temptation. They’re everywhere-on TV, billboards, magazines, music, the internet-and so easy to access that it sometimes feels impossible to escape their clutches. Yet God expects his children to be sexually pure. So how can you survive the relentless battle against temptation? Here’s powerful ammunition. Steve Arterburn and Fred Stoeker, the authors of the hard-hitting best-seller” Every Man’s Battle, ” now focus on the temptations young single Christian men like you face every day-and they offer workable, biblical strategies for achieving sexual purity. The authors examine the standard of Ephesians 5:3-“there must not be even a hint of sexual immorality”-in a positive and sensitive light. And they explain how an authentic, vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ is the key to victory over temptation. “Every Young Man’s Battle “will show you how to train your eyes and your mind, how to clean up your thought life, and how to develop a realistic battle plan for remaining pure in today’s sexually soaked culture. As a result, you’ll experience hope-real hope-for living a strong, pure life God’s way

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