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Description : Dear Bob and Sue, I hope you don’t mind that Karen and I have taken the emails we wrote to you while visiting the all of the national parks and published them as a book. We had a difficult time deciding on a title. One morning over coffee Karen asked, “What’s the title going to be?” “I was thinking about calling it just Bob and Sue.” I replied. “Just Bob and Sue, that’s an odd title.” “Not Just Bob and Sue. The title will be just — Bob and Sue.” “The book isn’t even about them, it’s about us. We should call it Just Matt and Karen.” “We’re not calling it Just anything.” “Good, because Just Anything is a stupid title. Who would read a book about just anything? It’s got to be about something.” “Now that you mention it, the book isn’t about anything in particular. It’s really just – sorry, let me rephrase that, it’s merely rambling observations about our experiences in the parks and the silly things that happen to us.” “Then we shouldn’t call it Just Anything.” “We were never going to call it that!” “Good.” After a long silence Karen looked up and asked, “What’s the title going to be?” “How about Bob and Sue?” I quickly replied. “They don’t care what we call the book. How about Dear Bob and Sue?” “Sold!” So, there you have it, Dear Bob and Sue is now finished. If you get a million of your friends to each buy a copy, I’ll quit my job again and we’ll go back to all of the parks. Next time we’ll take you with us as our guests. Your friend, Matt

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