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Description : Planning to run away with his best friend Meg as soon as they graduate was the plan; but Meg couldn’t go and Matt couldn’t leave her so he stayed far longer than he knew he should.. A friend of a friend over hears him come out to her and his mom will NOT have it, forcing him to pick up with their plans and move the 900 miles away to start over.
Sophomore in college; ready to be free, Matthew runs into some jocks on his first day and one catches his eye.

Declan is an all around ladies man; until he see’s Matt. Not giving it much thought as to why he’s attracted to a man all the sudden, he starts spending time with his Matty.
To Matt it’s all in secret, but to Dec its just them getting to know each other; all until sassy friend of Matt’s, Piper throws it in his face that he’s not gay…..

Hearts get broken and feelings get confused, but in the end… is it enough to stay together?.
We also see pieces of the next book and how two of the secondary characters meet, it’ll make you want to read the next one that comes out on the 1st, that’s for sure!

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