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Description : A crisp clean first edition/printing (as stated) protected in a new brodart wrapper:nShe’s smart, hard-working and good at what she does, though sometimes she wishes she had a life. Greenlaw is captain of the Hannah Boden, sister ship to the Andrea Gail, the sword-fishing boat whose disappearance was described with agonizing verisimilitude in Sebastian Junger’s bestseller, The Perfect Storm. Greenlaw tells a comparatively quotidian tale, “the true story of a real, and typical, sword-fishing trip, from leaving the dock to returning.” Not trying to compete with Junger’s operatic tale of death on the high seas, Greenlaw deals with stormy personalities rather than with bad weather. She rounds out the story with her gimlet-eyed description of a captain’s biggest headache after nature itself: the crew. Racism, drug use, baffling illnesses: these are all elements of a 30-day journey for six people crammed aboard a 100-ft. boat designed less for human comfort than to carry the 50,000 pounds or more of fish it will eventually take on. But Greenlaw picks her sailors carefully and, through her own example, inspires a fierce loyalty among the menAsuch as the one who extracted his own abscessed tooth rather than return to shore (“In my experience,” she notes, “very few men are willing to pull their own teeth”). Greenlaw’s narrative should foster an abiding respect in anyone who has tossed a swordfish steak on the grill, and it is certain to induce jaw-dropping admiration among personnel managers everywhere.

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